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"Baby Steps"

At forty-years-old Laurianne found herself like most people... suffering from lots of bad habits, 280 lbs and desperate to quit smoking. She lived on asthma medications, held five prescriptions, and had already been hospitalized multiple times. Her health was worsening, and it seemed the doctors could do nothing to help her. 

"The path I was on would have put me in the grave before I was fifty. " 

Deciding she really wanted to see her children grow into adults and know her grandchildren, Laurianne smartened up. Literally. Ten years laterLaurianne holds a bachelor in Health Sciences and Alternative Medicine and MPH degrees,  no prescriptions, and no longer suffer from asthma. Her life is happier, healthier, and now includes three grandchildren. 

With understanding and empathy, she is dedicated to helping others learn what steps to take, what to expect, and how to make it through discouraging moments along the way. She started Seeking Healthy Lifestyles and has now spent years inspiring others with words of encouragement, guidance, knowledge, products, and recipes that help her participants live healthy, happy, and productive lives. 

Don't wait until it is too late to learn how health and happiness are intrinsically connected. Invest in yourself, and sign up for a complete and thorough health overview with a custom consultation today.  The initial consultation package at $150 is based on answers to your medical history and preference questionnaire that will carry you into a real relationship with your practitioner for years to come.  Continued assessment and progress charting are figured according to individual needs and requests.

....try a FREE meditation session while you decide. 

Alternative Medicine

When you are ready to take the road less traveled...

The Science of Health

The ability to incorporate a holistic approach into successful careers in a variety of industries such as healthcare, sports training, rehabilitation, industry management, and consulting.  Alternative medicine major courses are combined with general education courses that enable the graduate to analyze and communicate the integration of the mind, body, and spirit within the healthcare environment , encompassing several disciplines of study such as psychology, physical medicine, integrative wellness techniques, and nutrition.

A Calling to Serve 

Focused on improving the health and wellbeing of communities as well as the individual, this professional confronts complex issues such as improving access to health care, controlling infectious disease, influencing healthcare policy, community health assessment, and epidemiology. Prepared for a career beyond entry-level in Public Health Administration and the healthcare industries, the concentration in CAM leads the march into the future of affordable medicine and public health through the administration of analytical decision-making based on solving modern public health problems with a holistic, natural, and cost effective approach.