Healthy Living for Home and Business

Balancing life, work, and self is hard enough. Today's over-scheduled, always-connected, hard-drive lifestyles make it nearly impossible. These workshops teach the skills and offer essential tools to help you, your employees, and managers be healthier, happier, and truly balanced in Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit . . .  at home and at work. 

Creative Stress Management

CSM is the effective treatment of stress, trauma, and emotional disorders, teaching skills that can increase productivity and decrease time lost due to stress related illnesses or during detox and recovery of addictive behaviors. CSM workshops challenge the participant to step out of their comfort zone with exercises in mindfulness, meditation, and breath-work in order to cultivate the journey of relaxation, release, and revelation to earn the emotional intelligence vital to healthy stress management. 

Gro​wing Health

Today, the Standard American Diet has gone from SAD to sadder. The food supply is 70% processed and packaged, and 80% of that contains GMOs.  Fresh produce and products like nuts are  doused in chemicals that cause everything from allergies to cancer. Most of the meat in the US comes from animals that have been pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and genetically modified.  If that is not enough to make you want to grow your own food, the benefits of gardening will.   Sign up to learn more.

Life Force & Nutrition

Mainstream media has made it possible for most everyone to know the basics of nutrition, but even the FDA keeps changing its mind on nutrition requirements, and evasive labeling laws are only adding to the confusion. Mainstream media contributes to the eating disorder epidemic  even while promoting the  fast food industry which is a leading cause of the rising obesity crisis in America today.  And, the supplement industry is rampant with misinformation.  Let me help you wade through the plethora.  

What they are saying about Life Force and Nutrition

I knew my calorie intake was higher than it should be because even though I watch what I eat, (at least I thought I did) I was never able to actually lose any weight. Doing a food journal and seeing  the problem in black and white made all  the difference. With Laurianne's help I've lost weight and have more energy now than I did when I was in my twenties.

Cheri - HR, Concord NH

What customers like about CSM

Making stuff is what I do for a living... I just never knew there was a difference. Learning how to be creative has helped me express myself better, improved my relationships, and helps me relax.

Brett - Fabricator, Fort Lauderdale FL

What you should know about Growing Health

Going organic when buying produce at the grocery store is expensive. Now I can feed my family organics I grow myself. Laurianne's tips and design model made it easy... and her "Garden Yoga" is inspiring. I even want my own bee  hive now.

Carolyn - Teacher, Hampton VA

Light (1) or Full 5 Day Seminars

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EQ Analysis & Mindfulness Education

Movement  Therapy

Color  & 3-D  Art Therapy

Narrative  and Expression

Music & Modeling


Growing Health


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Best Corporate Model

Urban Garden Overview and Design

Composting & Worm Beds

Germination  & Seed Savings

Fertilization & Soil Management



Life Force & Nutrition


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Best Starter Kit

Nutrition 101  & 3 Day Journal 

The Food Supply

Lifestyles, Habits, & Addictions

Journal analysis