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Healthy Living for Home and Business

Balancing life, work, and self is hard enough. Today's over-scheduled, always-connected, hard-drive lifestyles make it nearly impossible. These workshops teach the skills and offer essential tools to help you, your employees, and managers be healthier, happier, and truly balanced in Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit . . .  at home and at work. 

Creative Stress Management

CSM treats stress-related illnesses and aids in addiction recovery, decreasing time out of work. With daily practice, CSM increases productivity. The workshops challenge each participant to step out of their comfort zone as they journey toward relaxation, release and revelation through creativity. Skills learned promote self-expression, self-awareness, growth and an inevitable sense of control cultivating healthy responses to today's over-scheduled, always-connected, hard-drive lifestyles. CSM is also effective in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.

Hotwiring Change

Whether you are shaking an addiction, looking to lose weight, or seeking a sustainable sense of wellbeing, taking part in these workshops means you are already half-way there. My integrative and holistic approach gets your mind, body and spirit the rest of the way. Affirmation and encouragement motivates proactive evolvement and behavior modification. Detox, nutrition, and herbal supplementation will reinforce your commitment. And you will take home a maintenance program of mindfulness and guided meditation to support continued, successful, and permanent lifestyle change. 

Life Force & Nutrition

Though most know the basics, even the FDA keeps changing its mind on our essential daily requirements and how to get them. Evasive labeling laws add to the confusion. Mainstream media and marketing contribute to the rise in a myriad of eating disorders. The standard American diet is full of toxic chemicals, GMOs or additives that cause obesity, chronic disease, anxiety, depression, and even cancer. Supplements are needed by beware.  Fads diets  can be dangerous. Let's  get past this plethora of confusion, understand your body type and diet connections and discover what works  for you.   

What they are saying about Life Force and Nutrition

I knew my calorie intake was higher than it should be because even though I watch what I eat, (at least I thought I did) I was never able to actually lose any weight. Doing a food journal and seeing  the problem in black and white made all  the difference. With Laurianne's help I've lost weight and have more energy now than I did when I was in my twenties.

Cheri - HR, Concord NH

What customers like about CSM

Making stuff is what I do for a living... I just never knew there was a difference. Learning how to be creative has helped me express myself better, improved my relationships, and helps me relax.

Brett - Fabricator, Fort Lauderdale FL

What you should know about Hotwiring Change

Change is hard. But Laurianne's seminar inspired me. She offers easy and fun solutions that help making change possible and permanent. I can stick with my healthier lifestyle because of the simple but powerful tools she teaches in her program.

Carolyn - Teacher, Hampton VA

Corporate Friendly Seminars

Pricing is based in groups 25 or larger



Per Per Person

Best Value/Supplies Included

EQ Analysis & Mindfulness Education

Movement  Therapy

Color  & 3-D  Art Therapy

Narrative  and Expression

Music & Modeling


Hotwiring Change


Per Person

Best Corporate Model

Assessment and Detox 


Mind Bender Agenda

Bodyworks that Work

Affirmation & Hypno-Therapy



Life Force & Nutrition


Per Person

Best Starter Kit

Nutrition 101  & 3 Day Journal 

The Food Supply

Lifestyles, Habits, & Addictions

Journal analysis